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About This Event: 

At IF:Gathering 2017, we’ll look at one of the most influential generations that have ever lived — the early church. The way God moved through them was simple and pure. We believe they are the model we need right now. Our dream is that we would experience the power of God as He does big things through simple acts of faith. That we live unified, surrendered to God, not just in our minds and in our theology, but also in our daily lives. Our hope is that we would participate with the Spirit of God and see Him go forth in our generation in a most powerful way.

Event Description: 

We are so excited to be hosting IF:Gathering 2017 in Zeeland again!

Join us at Community Reformed Church as we gather to enjoy a weekend of community, worship, and growing in faith together! We encourage you to come with your friends, neighbors, small group, co-workers, family....women of ALL ages (over 16) are invited! Registration for this weekend is FREE OF CHARGE other than a minimum $1 online donation.

Each year, IF:Zeeland highlights a community organization that is serving our community and impacting lives by sharing the love of Christ. This year we are partnering with ATLAS at City on a Hill Ministries, and you'll have an opportunity during the weekend to learn more about the difference they are making close to home. We encourage you to consider how you might be able to support this ministry as you prepare for IF:Zeeland. You can learn more at http://sharetheweight.org/

Friday, Feb. 3--6:30-10pm (light supper provided before)
Saturday, Feb. 4--9:30-6pm (breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided)

Keep an eye out for emails as the event gets closer. We will be updating you with all the details you need as the weekend approaches and look forward to seeing you in February!

For all the latest information, follow us on the IF:Zeeland Facebook page.

Andrea DeWeerdt (andreadeweerdt@yahoo.com)

Registration Status: 
Registration for this event is open.
Gathering Days
Friday, February 3, 2017 - 6:30pm
Saturday, February 4, 2017 - 9:30am
Gathering Address: 
Community Reformed Church
10376 Felch Street
Zeeland, MI 49464
United States