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Register to Host an IF:Local

We are so excited that you are here!! By registering to host an IF:Local event, you are joining with thousands of other women across the world who are taking initiative by gathering, equipping, and unleashing women for God’s glory and the good of others. We have seen God move in incredible ways through IF:Local hosts over the past four years, and we believe it is only the beginning.

This February 9-10, 2018 we will come together in Austin, Texas and around the world to be reminded why following God and making disciples matters. As an IF:Local Host, our hope is that you would gather women in your local places and watch the livestream or digital download of the event together. Each IF:Local is unique. There are private gatherings held in homes for just a few friends, women's retreats held at churches, and cross-denominational groups that come together in convention centers and even movie theaters. Some events are a day and a half, and some are several nights spread out over weeks and months. Regardless of what you are dreaming, there are two things that you should know:

1. We want to challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone.
Maybe signing up to host for the very first time is challenging enough, and we're excited you're here. Maybe you need to secure that space that's a little larger than you originally imagined. For those of you who've hosted before, maybe you're supposed to engage and invite new community of women in your everyday places. We risk because it grows our dependence on God, and we all get to sit back and watch as He moves. Will you pray and take a step of faith by challenging yourself this year?

2. We have built a registration system to meet your needs.
Our desire is to make this event accessible to everyone who wants to participate. In order to do that, we do not charge a set ticket price, and we ask you AND all of your attendees to register and give what you can to the vision of IF:Gathering. This registration system will allow you to do that along with: manage your attendee list, supply all of your gathering details, collect a fee per person to cover your event costs, and more. Get started now!

Have questions about registration?
Check out for a step-by-step registration guide. Once you are registered, we will send you a series of emails and a leader's guide that will equip you to host.

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